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Speakers for Africa


It was 1997 when my son, Peyton and I moved to Kampala, Uganda for me to work on my masters in animal behavior. However, I was rapidly taken by the people and they soon became the focus of my attention. We immersed ourselves in their culture and practiced their efforts regarding survival, as we continued to live there for three years.

Since, we have returned multiple times and maintain a close relationship with the people. The individuals and families we are involved in are desperately poor, yet the happiest people we have ever met. After exploring the country, plus most of East Africa, we have established a safe place to dwell, which enables us to extend quality understanding of their needs. 

Our understanding of these people has lead us to the establishment of a legitimate pathway of assistance. Speakers for Africa was created in 2020 and has already proven its value. Our non-profit has successfully seen two fundraisers that has addressed the overwhelming hunger of children. In 2021 we delivered enough millet to feed an entire school. After that we took seeds to the school and taught the students how to plant them.

Our organization continues these valuable endeavors, as we reach out to those who can make this happen. Unlike many NGOs, every penny spent can be followed. Those who have donated are pleased with the results, which allow us to continue to service children in need.
This one-of-a-kind non-profit shall make every effort to assist the children that attend school only when nourishment is available. At present, we are beginning a new campaign for the many children at Uganda Youth Aid Primary and Nursery School. Because there is food in their village, these kids are reluctant to leave. When a meal is promised at school they attend. It only takes $600 of millet to feed the children for an entire term. This money also purchases beans that are a must with children.

As already said, donated money can be followed by givers. We do not access the money from this end, for we have people on the ground in Kampala. Too, both Peyton and I will be returning to our beloved second home in the fall. At that time, we will make effort to supply food to more schools. Speakers for Africa is well-equipped with dedicated workers. Together we can assist these needy children. We can not make these valuable efforts without your help. When you see the contented and happy faces we add to Facebook and our website (speakersfor, you should have a happy face, too. These kids are so grateful, which energizes our doings and make all our efforts a success.  


Speakers for Africa Penny and Peyton Working

Peyton Thomas and Penny Randell working at Mosa Court, Kampala, Uganda

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