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Teachers of the Nazarene School, 30 km from Soroti, Northern Uganda 

Nazarene School, Serere, Uganda

A school for orphans in Northern Uganda


We Ask for Your Help

Northern Uganda is a harsh place with limited resources and rife with tribal conflict. Students at the Nazarene School are all orphans with no where to go. Access to medical care is nearly nonexistent in Serere. A child must travel the 30+ km to Soroti, the nearest town, and even there, supplies, medicine and doctors can be scarce.


We want to pay for these student's school fees. Currently, the Nazarene Primary School has an attendance of 83. For not a lot of money, we can pay for the entire school's

tuition for the term. 


Teachers at the Nazarene School have not been paid in over a year and continue to teach voluntarily. These amazing men and women need to provide for their families and the school is in need of simple things such as uniforms.  

Please help us provide more support such as solar panels and other school supplies.

Listen to Richard and Rev. James explain what they are doing at the Nazarene Primary School—
which resources they have and what they need. 
Rooted in the Gospel, this school hopes spread the Word of God through education. 

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